Goresbridge – Party in the Park

Sarah and Alison McGrath dressed as Indians at Goresbridge

Goresbridge Boat Trips and Party

Many thanks to Goresbridge Rural Development Group for a fantastic evening at the “Party in the Park” yesterday evening (Wed 1st August 18). We left Carlow town early that morning carrying a boat load of passengers on what was a wet and windy, warm summers day. Passing through the town of Leighlinbridge, we continued to Bagenalstown where a number for passengers departed and more stepped aboard. Continuing on, we came to the magical, hidden lock of Slyguff, where we were joined by a number of other boats and barges, all heading for Goresbridge. Lock Keepers Paul and Billy were on hand to help out and by 5.30pm we’d reached the jetty of our destination. The party kicked off at 6pm, and despite the weather, a large crowd gathered as the smell of burgers and barbecue smoke filled the air. For ourselves at BoatTrips.ie, the job was only beginning as we ferried passengers upstream to Upper Ballyellen and back. This continued all evening till 9.30 when we finally moored up and enjoyed a well earned beer around the campfire with several friends, boat owners and Indians, Sarah and Alison. Throughout the evening we managed to introduce over fifty boating newbies to the Barrow and share a little of the great history/heritage that the river holds. A special word of thanks must go to the people of Goresbridge and in particular Colette Murphy for inviting us down and making us feel so welcome. Early this morning (August 2nd ) we headed back up stream, collecting several passengers in Bagenalstown. After a few hours in the familiar summer, sun we reached the Town Park in Carlow just before 4pm. It was a tiring few days but extremely enjoyable.


Campfire beside moored boats on river Barrow
Moored boats at Clogrennane
Small stone bridge on Barrow Navigation.
Sarah and Alison McGrath dressed as Indians at Goresbridge
Old cruiser on the tied up on Barrow

18th January 2021


Oscar & Cliff

This is the blog of Oscar the boat dog and his human, Cliff Reid. Oscar and Cliff own and operate BoatTrips.ie and this is a diary of setting the company up and the adventures they are having messing about on boats, river and anything else.
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