Picnic at Milford.

Old mill at Milford on the river Barrow

Milford Boat Trips – 3hrs

We heading down stream today on a most peaceful and tranquil trip to Milford in County Carlow. Here we stopped at the 18th century watermill for a picnic. The mill which was originally used to produce flour was later changed over to a Hydroelectric Power station. It belonged to the Alexander family and provided Carlow town with electric street lighting. Under the shadow of the mill, we spotted a gentleman Fly fishing and so it was here we sat for a while watching him ply his art.

Fly fishing at Milford 

Check out the tranquility of Milford in the video below. 

Two people having a picnic on a stone bench
A man eating lunch by the river
Old derelict mill on river Barrow

18th January 2021


Oscar & Cliff

This is the blog of Oscar the boat dog and his human, Cliff Reid. Oscar and Cliff own and operate BoatTrips.ie and this is a diary of setting the company up and the adventures they are having messing about on boats, river and anything else.
Written by Oscar & Cliff


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