A day Pike fishing on the river Barrow

John Creaney holding a Pike in a boat on the river Barrow

Trawling for Pike on the river Barrow

With the easing of restrictions, myself and John Creaney took the opportunity to take to the river in the smaller boat. On several days in January, numerous vessels could be seen heading up river, loaded with fishing rods, camouflage jackets and breakfast rolls. The first three weeks in January proved extremely fruitful. Reports of monstrous Pike of double digits in weight were reported daily. Having the opportunity to get out myself on a few occasions, each day produced at least 3 fish which were always returned. On one cold Saturday morning, John Creaney and myself pointed the Faoileán upstream with her 6 HP Mercury four stroke gentle pushing us on. Between 10am and 1pm, not a sniff of a fish was to be had. Then, just as we passed the mouth of the Stradbally river, Johns rod bounced as he snagged the first, a clean healthy Pike weighing in at 4lbs. Over the next 45 minutes John managed to land another three fish while I watched on, silently cursing his luck and changing baits. Rooting at the bottom of my bait box, I found an old blue coloured plug bait that had not been wet in near on twenty year. Casting out, it had hardly hit the water when the jaws of the great Northern predator snapped. I was in. A fine fish weighing in at just over 8lb. I was to catch the next three pike before John hooked another. We then went fish for fish till 4pm. John took the title of the day with a Pike of just under 18lb. By the time we moored in at Athy’s Slipway, thirteen fish had brought aboard and released. This set a new record for the Faoileán. Speaking with local anglers, Barry Keatley and Damien Lyons, our experience was not unique. January proved to be a fantastic month on the Barrow for Pike fishing.

Pike Fishing Pics

Below are a few pics from our great day out fishing for pike on the Barrow,

Other Pike / Boating stories

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The Barrow Boys – Easter 1916
Boating for Pike on the river Barrow
The Barrow Cot
The River Barrow Pike


4th February 2021


Clifford Reid

Written by Clifford Reid


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