Winter Fun at Boat Trips Ireland

wood work on a boat

Traditional Irish Open-Boats

Its been a very busy winter carrying out the maintenance and upkeep of our boats. All boats are wooden traditional Irish Open-Boats. They were originally built by the renowned boat builder Jackie Mons of Glann Oughterard in Galway. Each year, we take them out of the water to be stored indoors for the winter. Over the dark months, we strip them back and carry out any repair that are needed. Then they are repainted and refitted out to comply with the various legislation that is required of companies carrying passengers. During this period, we usually organize a visit from the Department of Marine to come down and survey the boats while they are out of the water. This includes testing the boats timbers and condition overall. This year however, this are a little behind due to Covid-19. We plan to have our boats resurveyed as soon as its safe to do so and hopefully back on the water shortly there after. This year we will be operating from four location, Carlow Kilkenny, Laois and Kildare. As soon as Covid19 restrictions are lifted, we will be open for business and taking bookings. We’re now looking forward to the warm summer ahead and many day spent cruising up and down our beautiful Irish waterways, whether that be the Barrow, Nore or Grand canal. Hopefully you will join us for a trip.

Painting under hull of boat
wood work on a boat
Black paint, roller and tray on boat
Maintenance work being carried out on a wooden boat
Freshly painted boat floor
Repairing wood work on boat

17th February 2021


Clifford Reid

Written by Clifford Reid


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