Mincéir Men & Horses at Kellyville

Young man riding a horse through Kellyville Lake, county Laois

Mincéir Men, Horses and Kellyville Lake.

Today witnessed a few brave men from the travelling community taking to the water at Kellyville lake in county Laois to wash their horses and exercise them through swimming. Like all great horse trainers will tell you, swimming forms an important part of the training program in keeping the animals fit, healthy and in racing condition. While William and Michael Carthy from Athy in Kildare looked on, young Neddy McCarthy was the brave soul that stole the show. Riding bareback and with superb handling, he took both horses for several lengths up and down the lake, encouraging them as they swam. Not afraid of the cold March waters, he took a dip himself to cool off after the arduous work of controlling the horses was done. It was a fantastic sight to witness, a young teenager out enjoying life to the full, as it should be, and not stuck inside a house glued to a computer game consol. Many thanks lads for letting me take a few photographs. Cheers. 


18th March 2021


Clifford Reid

Written by Clifford Reid


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