List of Lockkeepers on river Barrow Navigation

Lockkeeper William O'Neill, with a small dog in a white Waterways Ireland Jeep

Contacts for Lockkeepers on the river Barrow Navigation

Very often I am asked who to contact if you wish to use he locks on the river Barrow Navigation. Therefore, below is a list of the Lockkeepers, the locks they manage and their contact telephone numbers. If you are boating the river Barrow, you should by right have your own lock key (Windlass) and a crew to help you go through the lock. However, the lockkeepers that are working for Waterways Ireland are very fair and obliging guys, and if they are available to help you through the lock, I’ve no doubt they will. It is also worth bearing in mind that you require a permit to use the Barrow Navigation and it locks. This can be obtained by ringing Waterways Ireland in Tullamore on +353 (0)57 93 52300. The annual permit you should obtain is 126 euro.

Noel Cross / +353 (0) 879510777

The first Lockkeeper on the Barrow is Noel Cross and he covers from Athy to Maganey taking in Adreigh lock, Levitstown lock and Lifting Bridge, and Maganey Lock. He can be contacted on +353 (0) 879510777

1. Ardreigh lock
2. Levitstown lock
3. Maganey lock

William O’Neill / +353 (0) 87 9511444

The next lockkeeper in William O’Neill and he will help you through Bestfield, Carlow, Clogrennan, Milford, Rathvindon, Rathellin and Muine Bheag Locks. He can be contacted on +353 (0) 87 9511444

4. Bestfield lock
5. Carlow lock
6. Clogrennan lock
7. Milford lock
8. Rathvindon lock
9. Rathellin lock
10. Muine Bheag lock

Paul Logan / + 353 (0) 87 951 6333

The third lockkeeper on the Barrow is Paul Logan. Paul will take you through Fenniscourt, Slyguff, Upper Ballyellen, Lower Ballyellen, Ballytiglea and Borris.

11. Fenniscourt lock
12. Slyguff lock
13. Upper Ballyellen lock
14. Lower Ballyellen lock
15. Ballytiglea lock
16. Borris lock

Patrick Gill / + 353 (0) 87 951 6600

The final lock keeper on the Barrow Navigation is Patrick Gill. Pat will see you through Ballingrane, Clashganna, Ballykeenan (Double lock), Upper Tinnahinch, Lower Tinnahinch, Carriglead and St. Mullins.

17. Ballingrane lock
18. Clashganna lock
19. Ballykeenan lock (Double lock)
20. Upper Tinnahinch lock
21. Lower Tinnahinch lock
22. Carriglead lock
23. St. Mullins lock

15th April 2021


Clifford Reid

Written by Clifford Reid

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  1. Kathleen

    Hi Cliff .
    That can be either 23 locks or no locks on the river barrow .
    The locks are all on the canal cuts .

    I know your going to kill me but its true and you know there 23 canal cuts on the river barrow with a lock on each cut.


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