How many Locks are on the river Barrow?

Bow of boat entering Clogrennan Lock on river Barrow Navigation during summer. Breast lock gates open.

How many locks are on the river Barrow?

This is a question I get asked on a regular basis from those on our boat trips. I usually tell people that there are 23 locks of the Barrow Navigation system between Athy and St Mullins. The reason I say “usually” is because you could argue that there is 24. This is because the lock at Ballykeenan, just north of Graiguenamanagh is a double lock. It is two locks, one directly after the other. When you exit one chamber of the lock you enter the chamber of the second lock. Some have argued that it is two locks but Waterways Ireland refer to it as a double lock but count it as one in their Guide to the Barrow. Given that it has three sets of gates instead of four, with the centre gates acting as both Breast and Tail gates, it’s probably wise to count it as one lock, while noting it has two lock chambers. Therefore the number of locks on the river Barrow is 23.


List of locks on the river Barrow

Below is a list of locks on the river Barrow Navigation, starting at Ardreigh lock outside Athy (Kildare) and working downstream to St Mullins (Carlow) where the Navigation ends and the river Barrow becomes tidal. 

1. Ardreigh lock
2. Levitstown lock
3. Maganey lock
4. Bestfield lock
5. Carlow lock
6. Clogrennan lock
7. Milford lock
8. Rathvindon lock
9. Rathellin lock
10. Muine Bheag lock
11. Fenniscourt lock
12. Slyguff lock

13. Upper Ballyellen lock
14. Lower Ballyellen lock
15. Ballytiglea lock
16. Borris lock
17. Ballingrane lock
18. Clashganna lock
19. Ballykeenan lock (Double lock)
20. Upper Tinnahinch lock
21. Lower Tinnahinch lock
22. Carriglead lock
23. St. Mullins lock

1st May 2021


Clifford Reid

Written by Clifford Reid


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