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A list of tourist attractions and things to do in Castlecomer

Castlecomer is a beautiful little town in north county Kilkenny. It has a population of about fifteen hundred people and a number of great little rivers such as River Dinnin, Deen, Brocagh and Cloghogue . If you are planning to spend a day or two in Castlecomer or looking for some local activities or attractions to do with the family or on your own, some of your “things to do in Castlecomer” should include:

Dunmore Caves

Website: Dunmore Cave
Telephone: +353 56 776 7726
Location: Castlecomer Rd, Inchabride,
Kilkenny, Ireland
Dunmore Cave on Google Maps


Castlecomer Discovery Park

Website: Castlecomer Discovery Park
Telephone: +353 56 444 0707
Location: The Estate Yard, Drumgoole, Castlecomer,
Co. Kilkenny, R95 HY7X, Ireland
Castlecomer Discovery Park on Google Maps


Coal Mining Museum

Website: Castlecomer Coal Mining Museum
Telephone: +353 56 444 0707
Location: The Estate Yard, Drumgoole, Castlecomer,
Co. Kilkenny, R95 HY7X, Ireland
Castlecomer Museum on Google Maps


Castlecomer Craft Yard

Website: Castlecomer Craft Yard
Location: The Estate Yard, Castlecomer,
Co. Kilkenny, R95 HY7X, Ireland
Craft Yard on Google Maps


Castlecomer Golf

Website: Castlecomer Golf Club
Telephone: +353 56 444 1139
Location: Drumgoole, Castlecomer,
Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
Castlecomer Golf Club on Google Maps


Castlecomer Library

Website:Castlecomer Library
Telephone: +353 56 444 0561
Location: Kilkenny St, Glebe, Castlecomer,
Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
Castlecomer Library on Google Maps


Castlecomer Loop Walk Trailhead

Website: Castlecomer Loop Walk
Location: Drumgoole, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
Castlecomer Loop on Google Maps


Ardra Castle

Location: Ardra, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
Ardra Castle on Google Maps


Glanbia Country Life

Website: Castlecomer Country Life
Telephone: +353 56 440 0834
Location: Clashduff Lower, Castlecomer,
Co. Kilkenny, R95 KD35, Ireland
Castlecomer Country Life on Google Maps


Rockafoyle Stables Riding School
Telephone: +353 87 745 3662
Location: Barrack Hill,Castlecomer,
Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
Rockafoyle Stables on Google Maps


Brownshill Stables

Telephone: +353 87 797 3776
Location: Damerstown West, Castlecomer
Co. Kilkenny, R95 P49P, Ireland
Brownshill Stables on Google Maps


IRA memorial

Website: Castlecomer IRA Memorial
Location: N78, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
Castlecomer IRA Memorial on Google Maps


Goldstone Drift Track
Telephone: +353 87 810 2822
Location: Upper Firoda, Castlecomer,
County Kilkenny, Ireland
Drift Track on Google Maps


Jenkinstown Park

Website: Jenkinstown Park
Location: Jenkinstown, County Kilkenny, Ireland
Jenkinstown Park on Google Maps


Jenkinstown Wood And Walled Garden Walk

Website: Jenkinstown Wood & Walk
Location: Jenkinstown, County Kilkenny, Ireland
Jenkinstown on Google Maps


St Mary’s Church

Website: Castlecomer Union
Telephone: +353 56 444 1677
Location: Dublin Rd, Drumgoole, Castlecomer,
County Kilkenny, Ireland
St Mary’s on Google Maps


Church of the Immaculate Conception, Castlecomer

Website: Castlecomer Parish
Telephone: +353 56 444 1262
Location: Kilkenny St, Glebe, Castlecomer,
County Kilkenny, Ireland
Castlecomer Parish on Google Maps


Star Hurley

Website: Star Hurley
Telephone: +353 83 434 7775
Location: Jenkinstown, Jenkinstown Park,
Co. Kilkenny, R95 H2R1, Ireland
Star Hurley on Google Maps


Ballyrafton Woods

Website: Ballyrafton Wood
Location: Ballyrafton,
County Kilkenny, Ireland
Ballyrafton Wood on Google Maps

While I’ve not managed to get around to all the above myself, most come well recommended. The best advise would be to check out the various websites for the sites and locations and then have a look at their reviews on Trip Advisor also. I hope you have a great time exploring Castlecomer and the surrounding area. Its a lovely spot. Let me know how you get on and if you discover any other activities in Castlecomer or the area that you think are worth recommending. And if you are in Kilkenny City, drop by and say hello. I’ll be on the boat trips. Enjoy! Cliff

PS If exploring other parts of county Kilkenny, check out the links below for the various tourist attractions and things to do.


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Finding Castlecomer, County Kilkenny – Google Map below.

Here’s a little link to a blog post we did after spending the day driving around County Kilkenny

Three Castles to Castlecomer”

3rd December 2021


Clifford Reid

Written by Clifford Reid


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