Barrow Boating by Ann Marie Dunne

Skippers, Clifford Reid and Ann Marie Dunne aboard their Narrow Boat on the river Barrow in Athy, county Kildare, Ireland.

Barrow Boating (after Du Fu) by Ann Marie Dunne

The following is poem by Skipper, Ann Marie Dunne. It has been recognised and printed in a number of publications to date and Ann Marie has kindly allowed for it to be now published here. Hope you enjoy it.

Barrow Boating
(after Du Fu)

Waiting for “Sale Agreed”, here in my once dream home.
Heart sore, I wander the rooms, reading their stories.

But today, I’m his girlfriend on the barge,
learning to throw ropes on the Bisto brown Barrow.

Damsel flies entwine in azure ecstasy on the reeds.
A couple of buzzards cavort and soar in slow circles.

We moor up and dine in deckchairs by the campfire.
Mirrored in the river, we are silvered by the stars.

By Ann Marie Dunne


Ann Marie Dunne, Poet & Boat Skipper

Ann Marie skippers one of the trip boats in Kilkenny on the river Nore. With a love for the outdoors, nature and the waterways, much of Ann Marie’s poems carry these themes. Hopefully we’ll get her to share a few more over the coming year.

10th December 2021


Clifford Reid

Written by Clifford Reid


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