Levitstown Mill

Levitstown Mill and Lock Gates in winter

History of Levitstown mill

Levitstown Mill was built in 1791. It is a seven-story building, now derelict having burnt down on the 14th of March 1942. It is seven bays wide and three bays deep. It was owned over the years buy several different families including the Haughton and Hannon families who had other mills in the area, including Ardreigh and Athy. Levitstown Mill closed for a time in the 1920’s/early 30’s before it was reopened by the Minch / Norton operation. Here they produced both Malting Barley for Guinness’s and Cattle Cake. The Malt for a time was transported via the canal to St James’s Gate in Dublin. However, this was short lived as Levitstown Mill went on fire in 1942 and was burnt to the ground.
Like other mills on the system, a hydroelectric generator was installed next to the canal lock and utilised the difference in water level/the drop, between the canal and river to turn the turbine and generate electricity. This is still in use today and supplies electric power to the local holiday homes on the adjacent island.
Today, Levitstown Mill and the area is a local beauty spot, with the canal stretch being a major attraction to anglers from all over. Its not uncommon to witness numerous fishermen wetting a line, having travelled from a far, for a day’s fishing.
Levitstown Mill was also used for filming of the mini TV series Manions of America in the late 70’s & early 80’s which stared Pierce Brosnan. Many locals from south Kildare were employed or took part in its production at the time. During filming, the mill is used and set alight.


Finding Levitstown Mill

Levitstown Mill is located the townland of Levitstown (Baile Luibhéid) in Grangemellon, Tankardstown Parish, in south County Kildare, Ireland. Here are the Longitude & Latitude Co-ordinates 52.936400, -6.949370. However, the easiest way to find Levitstown Mill is by following Google Maps (Levitstown Mill)


Map to Levitstown Mill

Photos of Levitstown Mill
Other local points of interest.

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1st January 2023


Clifford Reid

Written by Clifford Reid


  1. Mr Haughton

    Most this article is correct although the turbine is currently not in operation but is currently being restored.

    • Clifford Reid

      Great stuff, many thanks for that. Can you let us know when its back operating again. Appreciate it.


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