Grand Canal Packing Stable

View of the Grand canal with the old Packing Stable behind.

Saving of old Grand Canal Packing Stable

It is great to see the remedial works carried out by Boormalt (formally Minch Malt) on the old Grand Canal Packing Stable in Athy, Co. Kildare. This protected structure had fallen into disrepair in recent years and many had feared that it would collapse entirely. The result would be the loss of a very unique and important piece of the built industrial waterways heritage. Thankfully Boormalt recognised the historical significance of this building and recently carried out the much needed works to re-establish its structural integrity. An icon building on the waterscape of Athy, the former Packing Stables as it is known locally, is situated close to the termination of the new Barrow Blueway. Given this, there is great potential and scope to marry both the past heritage of the building with the future needs of the reinvigorated Barrowline and its users. Hopefully in time, we will witness the reroofing of the building and its utilisation once again as part future development and promotion of our waterways.

Packing Stable with completed works


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1st February 2023


Clifford Reid

Written by Clifford Reid


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