Interview: Clifford Reid & River Barrow

Clifford Reid with couple on river Barrow Boat Trip

Waterways Through Time Podcast – Turtle Bunbury & Clifford Reid

Secrets of the Barrow with Clifford Reid

I was interviewed by historian, Turtle Bunbury, recently for the Waterways Ireland Podcast, Waterways Through Time. This was for Series 2 Episode 5: The Secrets of the Barrow. If you fancy a listen, hit the play link above.

Series 1 was a fantastic podcast and I’m looking forward to listening to all of Series 2 over the coming weeks. Series 1 can be found here.

Many thanks to Turtle and Waterways Ireland for the opportunity to take part in this. I very much enjoyed the chatting. To read more about the river Barrow, check out some of the frequently asked questions here. Or if you want to here about our boat trips in Kilkenny and the beautiful river Nore, have a listen to the interview (link below) of when Edwina Grace of radio station KCLR fm joined us for a trip and a chat. KCLR Interview with Clifford Reid

6th June 2023


Clifford Reid

Written by Clifford Reid


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