Maintenance Work at Moorings

Boats at moorings in Athy. Whites Castle in background.

Riverbank Maintenance

Boat users in Athy wish to extend its gratitude and thanks to Brian Kenny and the local team at Tús for the fantastic ongoing work in helping to keep our waterways looking great and helping with access for users. Seen daily throughout the year, the band of workers are kept busy picking litter, strimming and cutting grass, and pruning the riverside bushes. This keeps the mooring at Athy Waterways in pristine condition and looking fantastic through the whole year. Recently, Brian and team were in strimming an over grown section of mooring which resulted in the whole bank taking on a new look and life. This allowed for more space and access to boats for users. Well done again folks. Your work and efforts are very much appreciated.

Picture of completed work at moorings

14th August 2023


Clifford Reid

Written by Clifford Reid


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