Coffee Stop at Milford

Owner of Barrow Brew, Nicola Doyle

Barrow Brew Café

Established by sisters Majella Owens and Nicola Doyle, Barrow Brew continues to grow in both customers and size on the banks of the beautiful river Barrow at Milford, Carlow. Expanding into a small nearby woodland clearing, and serving artisan coffee, teas and cuisine, the business venture established during Covid19 continues to draw walkers, boaters and outdoor enthusiasts from all over. Locally made cakes, bakes and treats; along with opening on late evenings over the summer months is proving a real hit. Given Nicola and Majella’s love for the local area and passion for locally sourced produce, they take great care and pride in their riverside business venture. With Milford being a particular hot spot on the Barrow for paddle boarding, canoeing, swimming, boating and fishing, their success is sure to continue. Myself and a number of friends had the pleasure of sampling some of the oven baked pizzas on a beautiful sunny evening over the summer and it is fair to say, we are already looking forward to returning. Speaking with Nicola on the evening, she spoke highly of and wanted to acknowledge the great support that Waterways Ireland have given the sisters “Everyone from the guys on the riverbank to those in head office have been extremely helpful. Often calling or dropping by to say hello and enquire if we needed anything. They’ve simply been amazing and we owe a lot of our success to their support”. I wish Nicola and Majella all the best for the future and continued success. The Barrow Brew can be contacted on both Facebook or Instagram.

Pictures of the Barrow Brew

2nd September 2023


Clifford Reid

Written by Clifford Reid


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