Ten Unusual Activities in Kilkenny City

Arial view of river Nore and Kilkenny City

Discover the Quirky Side of Kilkenny: 10 Unusual Activities to Explore in the Heart of Ireland

Nestled in the heart of Ireland, Kilkenny City is renowned for its rich history, medieval architecture, and vibrant arts scene. While exploring the city’s iconic landmarks is a must, there’s a hidden side to Kilkenny that promises unique and offbeat experiences. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through ten unusual activities, including the enchanting boat trips along the River Nore. So, buckle up for a journey beyond the ordinary!

1. Magical Boat Trips on the River Nore:

Embark on a captivating boat trip along the meandering River Nore. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city as you peacefully glide through the serene waters. Enjoy breathtaking views of Kilkenny Castle and the surrounding greenery. To book your magical river adventure, visit BoatTrips.ie for a schedule and reservation details.

2. Medieval Mile Museum’s Secret Tour:

Uncover the mysteries of Kilkenny’s medieval past with the Medieval Mile Museum’s Secret Tour. Led by knowledgeable guides, this exclusive tour takes you behind closed doors to explore hidden chambers and forgotten tales. Book your spot at MedievalMileMuseum.ie and get ready for a journey through time.

3. Kilkenny Cat Laughs Comedy Festival:

If you’re lucky enough to visit during June, don’t miss the Kilkenny Cat Laughs Comedy Festival. Enjoy performances from renowned comedians in various venues across the city. Stay updated on the festival schedule at Cat Laughs.

5. National Reptile Zoo:

Uncover the fascinating world of reptiles at the National Reptile Zoo. Perfect for families and animal enthusiasts, this unique attraction offers a chance to get up close and personal with a variety of scaly creatures. Plan your visit at National Reptile Zoo.

6. Rothe House and Gardens:

Step back in time with a visit to Rothe House, a unique Tudor merchant’s townhouse. Explore the beautifully restored gardens and immerse yourself in the history of this hidden gem. Plan your visit at Rothe House.

7. Canice’s Round Tower Climb:

Take your exploration to new heights by climbing the ancient round tower of St. Canice’s Cathedral. Enjoy panoramic views of Kilkenny City and its surroundings from this historic vantage point. Purchase tickets for the tower climb at StCanicesCathedral.ie

8. Kilkenny Whiskey Guild Tasting Experience:

For the whiskey enthusiasts, the Kilkenny Whiskey Guild offers a tasting experience like no other. Sample a selection of Ireland’s finest whiskies at participating venues. Learn more and plan your tasting journey at KilkennyWhiskeyGuild.com.

9. Kilkenny Cycling Tours:

Explore the city on two wheels with Kilkenny Cycling Tours. Pedal through hidden alleyways, discover secret gardens, and learn about Kilkenny’s history from your knowledgeable guide. Book your cycling adventure at KilkennyCyclingTours.com for a fun and active exploration.

10. Kilkenny Hurling Experience:

Immerse yourself in Ireland’s national sport by trying your hand at hurling. Book a hurling experience with Hurling Tours Ireland and learn the basics of this ancient game from local experts. It’s a unique and exciting way to connect with the local culture.


Kilkenny City’s charm extends beyond its well-known attractions. Embrace the unusual, the quirky, and the unexpected with these ten activities. Whether you’re exploring hidden corners or sailing along the River Nore, Kilkenny has something extraordinary waiting for every curious traveller. So, go ahead, step off the beaten path, and create memories that go beyond the ordinary in this enchanting Irish city. 

For a full list of things to do while visiting Kilkenny, check out our guide of Things to do in Kilkenny


2nd January 2024


Clifford Reid

Written by Clifford Reid


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