Otters in the River Nore

Otter relaxing in river Nore

Nore Otters: A Tale of Resilience and Adaptation

The River Nore, a gem of a river that flows through the heart of Ireland, is home to a diverse range of wildlife. Among its inhabitants, one creature stands out for its playful demeanour and aquatic agility – the otter. These fascinating creatures have made the river their home, and their presence is a testament to the health and vitality of the River Nore.

The Otters of the River Nore

Otters are known for their playful nature, and those residing in the River Nore are no exception. They are often spotted on our baot trips just swimming about and playing during the day, and we often capture photo and footage of their playful antics in the centre of Kilkenny City. These regular sightings are not just delightful encounters; they are also positive indicators of the water quality of the River Nore.

A Sign of Healthy Ecosystem

The presence of otters is often used as a barometer for the health of an ecosystem. They are at the top of the food chain and require clean, unpolluted water to thrive, which gives us hope. Their diet mainly consists of fish, eels, and water birds, which are abundant in healthy water bodies. Therefore, the playful romp of otters in the River Nore is a sign of a good ecosystem.

Otters and Urbanization

Interestingly, otters are not just confined to rural waterways. They have been found in urban areas, attracted by the rivers that flow through our towns and cities. In Kilkenny city is a perfect example and otter holts (dens) have been identified along the stretch of the river south of the Johns Bridge. This adaptability shows the resilience of otters and their ability to coexist with humans.

The Nore Otters

The otters of the River Nore are more than just charming residents. They are symbols of a healthy ecosystem and indicators of the quality of our waterways. Their presence in both rural and urban settings is a reminder of the adaptability of nature and the importance of maintaining clean and healthy water bodies for the survival of such wonderful creatures.
As we continue to share our environment with these amazing creatures, let’s strive to ensure that our activities do not harm their habitats. After all, a river full of life is a river full of joy.

22nd April 2024


Clifford Reid

Written by Clifford Reid

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  1. Linda Hansen

    I have written and illustrated a children:s picture book, Otto the Otter, A Big Surprise. It’s about a river otter.


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