Frequently Asked Questions

When should I book a trip?

Trips usually book out about 3 days in advance. So it is always best to book ASAP.

Do I need rain gear or sun screen?

This is Ireland, we can have four seasons in one day. The boats are not covered so please check the weather forecast at www.met.ie and dress accordingly. It is also highly recommended that you bring and wear sunscreen, as exposure to the sun’s rays is increased on the water, especially in the summer months. It is also advisable to wear safe and comfortable footwear.

Do we have to wear life jackets and are they provided?

Yes, life jackets are provided. All passengers must wear lifejackets for the duration of the boat trip.

Is the boat wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, our boats are not wheelchair accessible. For a fully wheelchair accessible boat, we can recommend contacting Athy Boat Tours who will be happy to help.

Where do we get on and off the boat?

In Kilkenny, you get on and off next to Johns Bridge, Here. In Carlow and Laois, you get on and off at the Town Park, Graiguecullen, Here. A pin drop in Google Maps was also sent to you with the confirmation of booking.

Where do I park my car?

For the Kilkenny boat trip, we recommend parking at Dunne Stores next to the river, in the centre of the city. For the Carlow or Laois boat trip, we recommend parking in Carlow Town Park, at Graiguecullen.

Can I bring my Dog?

Dogs/pets can only be brought on privately booked trips.

Is the boat trip suitable for babies/toddlers?

While we don’t refuse babies or toddlers, it is our experience that they often find it uncomfortable and upsetting. This is due to the legal requirement that they must wear a lifejacket at all times and must not be placed in a buggy/carrycot. Please note also that all babies/toddlers must be booked on in advance at a cost of €10 per person. This again is a legal requirement and necessary for insurance purposes. 

Can I bring a buggy/pram aboard?

There is only limited room to store a buggy aboard. So if it folds down, all the better. In addition, the baby must be removed from the buggy and must wear a lifejacket at all times.

Is there a toilet onboard?

There are no toilet facilities onboard, so it’s best to make sure you go beforehand and to arrive early.

Can we just arrive and hop on?

If a trip is not booked out, this may be possible. However, this rarely happens so booking in advance is advisable.

How early should we arrive?

We advise passengers to arrive 15minutes early so as to maximise time on the water.

What river are we taking the trip on?

In Kilkenny, it is the river Nore. In Carlow & Laois, it is the river Barrow.

Will there be somebody to meet me?

The Skipper will meet you at the entrance to floating pontoon. Please wait for them there.

How long does a trip take?

In Kilkenny, trips are approximately 40minutes. In Carlow & Laois, they are approximately 80minutes. Private booking on the river Barrow can be longer.

Will I get sea sick?

Both the river Nore and river Barrow are extremely calm, smooth and slow flowing rivers. To date we have not have any incidence of sea sickness.

What type of weather would force a cancellation?

A decision whether or not to cancel the boat trip due to weather will be made by the Skipper or BoatTrips.ie. However, it is fair to assume that a Orange weather warning for wind or rain by Met Eireann, or above will likely result in the cancellation of the boat trip.

Can I smoke on the boat?

Smoking is not permitted onboard.

Can I cancel beforehand?

For a cancellation, a minimum of 48hrs prior notice must be given in writing via email to info@boattrips.ie

Can I hire the boat for a longer trip?

Yes, longer trips are available in Carlow and Laois. To arrange this, its best to call Cliff on 087-2061999

Can I hire the boat privately?

All trips in Carlow & Laois are private. Trips in Kilkenny are offered both as private and public.

How many people will be on-board?

We carry a max of 11 passengers. However, if you booked a private trip, it will only be your group onboard.