Photos from our Boat Trips

Photograph Real Ireland

Photos from our boat trips

Below is a selection of photos/images that hopefully provides some insight to the fun and adventure that awaits you on the water. We are really passionate about the river and making the most of this outdoor playground that is the river Barrow. If you are coming out on the Barrow with us, be sure to bring a camera as you will certainly want to capture the experience and you are very likely to get up close to a variety of wildlife. For example, we regularly see kingfishers, otters, swans, cormorants, herons and buzzards. And that’s above the waterline. Below the surface, we often see pike, perch, bream rudd, dace, and occasionally a trout or salmon. When we travel through the locks, its not uncommon to see eels wriggling in and out if the block work.